Gong Xiqoqing

b4037c867bef4116837f9d98e24603c6.pngXiqoqing Gong

Associate Professor

Department of Horticulture, Northwest A&F University,

Research main building, No.3 Taicheng Road,

Yangling, Shaanxi, 712100, China

Tel: +86-17791535421

Email: gongxq0103@nwafu.edu.cn


Ph.D. 2014  HuaZhong Agricultural University

B.S. 2008 HuaZhong Agricultural University


Regulatory network of apple responding to drought and low nitrogen stress.


1. The Key S&T Special Projects of Shaanxi Province, 2020zdzx03-01-02, 2020-2024

2. National Key Research and Development Program of China, 2018YFD1000305, 2018-2022

3. Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities, 2452019049, 2019-2021

4. Natural Science Basic Research Program of Shaanxi, 2020JQ-263, 2020-2021

5. National Natural Science Foundation, 31601737, 2017-2019


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2. Huo LQ, Sun Xun, Guo ZJ, Che RM, Sun YM, Zhu YF, Wang P, Gong XQ*, Ma FW*.  MdATG18a  overexpression improves basal thermotolerance in transgenic apple by decreasing damage to chloroplasts. Hort Res. 2020, 7:21

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