Chen Rugang

  Name: Rugang Chen

  Gender: Male

  Date of Birth: Sept, 1978

  Place of Birth: Hubei, China

  Nationality: Chinese

  Current Employer: Northwest A&F University, China


  Telephone: +86 18717376670


  1997.9-2001.6 B.Sc. (Agricultural Sciences) Huazhong Agriculture University (Wuhan, China)

  2001.9-2006.6 Ph.D (Agricultural Sciences) Huazhong Agriculture University (Wuhan, China)

  2012.8-2013.8 Visiting Scholar, Cornell University (New York, America)

  Research Interest

  Plant stress physiology and molecular biology, Plant breeding

  Courses Offered

  The main courses have been taught for undergraduates are plant breeding, Vegetable Breeding, Biotechnology in Horticultural Plants, General Introduction of Horticulture, etc.

  Current Research Projects

  “Expression characteristic and function analysis of the pepper low-temperature response CaAQP in stress”, National Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 31201615)

  Selected Publications

  Dr. Chen has published 25 peer-reviewed papers. Some representative papers are as follows:

  1.Guo W L, Chen R G(Co-first author), Du X H, Zhang Z, Yin Y X, Gong Z H, Wang G Y. Reduced tolerance to abiotic stress in transgenic Arabidopsis overexpressing 1 a Capsicum annuum MULTIPROTEIN BRIDGING FACTOR 1. BMC plant biology. 2014, 14: 138

  2.Chen R G, Guo W L, Yin Y X, Gong Z-H. A novel F-Box protein CaF-Box is involved in responses to plant hormones and abiotic stress in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)。 Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2014, 15: 2413-2430.

  3.Guo WL, Chen RG (Co-first author), Gong ZH, Yin YX, Li DW. Suppression subtractive hybridization analysis of genes regulated by application of exogenous abscisic acid in pepper plant (Capsicum annuum L.) leaves under chilling stress. PLoS ONE 2013, 8 (6): e66667. doi:10.1371 /journal. pone.0066667

  4.Guo W L, Chen R G(Co-first author), Gong Z H, Yin Y X, Ahmed S S and He Y M. Exogenous abscisic acid increases antioxidant enzymes and related gene expression in pepper (Capsicum annuum) leaves subjected to chilling stress. Genetics and Molecular Research, 2012, 11(4): 4063-4080

  5.Chen R G, Zhang L Y, Zhang J H, Zhang W, Wang X, Ouyang B, Li H X, Ye Z *. Functional characterization of Mi, a root-knot nematode resistance gene from tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum L.)。 Journal of Integrative Plant Biology.2006, 48(12): 1458-1465

  6.Chen R G, Li H X, Zhang L Y, Zhang J H, Xiao J H, Ye Z B. CaMi, a root-knot nematode resistance gene from hot pepper (Capsium annuum L.) confers nematode resistance in tomato. Plant cell reports. 2007, 26: 895-905.

  7.Chen R G, Gong Z H*, Yang R P, Li D W. Cloning and Sequence Analysis of the Polygalacturonase (PG) Gene in Pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)。 The 2nd conference on key technology of horticulture, CKTH 2010. London: London science publishing limited, 2010, pp53-56. (ISTP)

  8.Yin Y X, Guo W L, Zhang Y L, Ji J J, Xiao H J, Yan F, Zhao Y Y, Zhu W C, Chen R G, Chai W G, Gong Z H. Cloning and characterization of a pepper aquaporin, CaAQP, which reduces chilling stress in transgenic tobacco plants. Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult, 2014, DOI 10.1007/s11240-014-0495-3

  9.Zhu W, Lu M H, Gong Z H, Chen R G. Cloning and expression of a small heat shock protein gene CaHSP24 from pepper under abiotic stress. African Journal of Biotech- nology, 2011, 10: 4968-4976

  10.Zhang J H, Chen R G, Xiao J H, Zou L P, Li H X, Ouyang B, Ye Z B. Isolation and characterization of SlIAA3, an Aux/IAA gene from tomato. DNA Seq, 2007, 18(6):405-12.

  11.Zhang J H, Chen R G, Xiao J H, Qian C J, Wang T T, Li H X, Ouyang B, Ye Z B. A single-base deletion mutation in SlIAA9 gene causes tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) entire mutant. J Plant Res. 2007, 120(6): 671-678

  12.Xiao J H , Li H X, Zhang J H, Chen R G, Zhang Y Y, Ouyang B, Wang T T, Ye Z B. Dissection of GA 20-oxidase members affecting tomato morphology by RNAi-mediated silencing. Plant Growth Regulation, 2006, 50(2): 179-189

  13.Xiao J H, Zhang J H, Zhang Y Y, Wang T T, Chen R G, Li H X, Ye Z B. Isolation and expression of GA 2-oxidase2 in tomato. DNA Seq, 2007, 18(6): 472-7 (SCI)

  14.Zhang L Y, Zhang Y Y, Chen R G, Zhang J H, Wang T T, Li H X, Ye Z B. Ectopic expression of the tomato Mi-1 gene confers resistance to root knot nematodes in lettuce (Lactuca sativa)。 Plant Mol Biol Rep, 2010, 28: 204-211 (SCI)


  Dr. Rugang Chen

  College of Horticulture

  Northwest A & F University

  3 Taicheng Road, Yangling 712100

  P. R. China

  E-mail: <>

  Telephone: +86 18717376670