Gao Hua

  Ⅰ。 Basic Information

  Hua Gao, male, born in February, 1970 in Yanchuan of Shaanxi Province, Associate Professor, master graduate supervisor.

  Studied for the Bachelor degree from the college of Food Science in Northwest University of Agriculture in July, 1993 and the Master Degree from the college of Horticulture in Northwest A&F University in June, 2010.

  Ⅱ。 Research Area

  Breeding, introduction and demonstration of the new apple varieties, besides promotion of the new technology.

  Ⅲ。 Achievements

  Breeding and extension of four improved apple varieties, two new early season varieties of ‘Qinyang’ and ‘Huaxia’, two new mid-late season varieties of ‘Qinhong’ and ‘Qinyan’, which were examined and approved by Shaanxi; The project of ‘Demonstration and extension of key technology for improving quality and (increasing) efficience of apple’ acquired the first grade award for Agricultural Technology Extension in 2012; Published 5 books and more than 20 papers; Applied 2 patents for invention.

  Ⅳ。 Publications

  1. GAO Hua, FAN Hong-ke, DANG Zhi-guo, WANG Fei, WANG Lei-cun, LIU Zhen-zhong, and ZHAO Zheng-yang. 2011, Studies on Subcellular Localization and Expression in E.coli of MdWRKY from‘Qinguan’Apple. Acta Horticulturae Sinica. 38(7)

  2. Hua Gao, Zheng-yang Zhao1, Yu-miao Lu, Yi-zhen Wan1,Lei-cun Wang, and Jing-jun Yuan. 2011. ‘Qinyang’ Early-ripening Apple. HORTSCIENCE 46(4)

  3. Gao, H., Dang, Z., Li, D., Mei, L., Wan, Y., Wang, L., Zhao, Z. and Fazio, G. 2011. The history of apple breeding in people’s republic of China. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 903

  4. Hongke Fan & Fei Wang & Hua Gao & Leicun Wang &Jihua Xu & Zhengyang Zhao. 2011. Pathogen-induced MdWRKY1 in ‘Qinguan’ Apple Enhances Disease Resistance. J. Plant Biol. 54, (3)

  5. WANG Li-xin, ZHANG Xiao-jun, SHI Xing-yun1, GAO Hua1, ZHAO Zheng-yang. 2012, Establishment of SSR fingerprinting database on major apple(Malus×domestica)cultivars. Journal of Fruit Science. 29(6)

  6. Q. Zhou , H. Gao , M. Wang, Y. Xu , Y.Z. Guo , Y.Z. Wan , Z.Y. Zhao  2012, Characterization of defense-related genes in the ‘Qin guan’ apple in response to Marssonina coronaria  South African Journal of Botany. (80)

  7. Michael J. Considine, Yizhen Wan, Mario F. D’Antuono, Qian Zhou, Mingyu Han*, Hua Gao, Man Wang, 2012, Molecular Genetic Features of Polyploidization and Aneuploidization Reveal Unique Patterns for Genome Duplication in Diploid Malus. PLoS One. (7)。

  8. GAO Hua, FAN Hongke, WAN Yizhen, WANG Leicun, ZHAO Zhengyang and WANG Xiping. 2011, SSR Analysis of Genetic Diversity of Apple Cultivars. Acta Agriculturae Boreali-occidentalis Sinica. (2)

  Ⅴ。 Contact Information

  Add: College of Horticulture Northwest A&F University, 3 Taicheng Road Yangling, Shaanxi, China

  Postcode: 712100    Tel: 15332347161