Du Junzhi

  1. General information

  First name:  Junzhi

  Family name: Du

  Gender: Male

  Date and place of birth: 1968-02  in  Shaan-xi   Fufeng

  Title:  Professor

  E-mail:  qianjia118@126.com

  Tele: +86-29- 87082613

  Fax: +86-29- 87082613

  2. Education and working experiences

  1988.09-1992.07: BS, Department of Horticulture, Northwest Agricultural University, Yangling, Shaanxi, China.

  1992.07-1999.07:  Shaanxi Academy of Agricultural Science, Yangling, Shaanxi.

  2010.05-: Professor, College of Horticulture, Nowthwest University of Agriculture and Forestry, Yangling, Shaaxi, P. R. China.

  3. Courses given to undergraduate, graduate and Ph. D students

  (1)Plant Germplasm;

  (2)Plant Genetics and Breeding;

  (3)Specific Topics on Horticulture;

  4. Main interests in research

  (1)Plant resources collection;

  (2)Plant breeding and cultivation techniques;

  (3)Plant environmental stresses tolerance;

  5. Main academic activities


  (1)  Shaanxi  Science  and  Technology  Progress  Prize (Third  Prize)" Variety of  Hong guan long in watermelon" The  People's  Gov.  of  Shaanxi, 2005-248;

  7.Main publications

  (1)Du JZ,Zhang HM, Stadard Fechnical Kegulation  for Cultiuation of Thich  Skin MeLon in Spring Protection Field, SHocnxi Journal of Agricultulal Science, 2006 (5):160-164

  (2)Cultiuation  Status and Developing  Tought of Th iek Skim Melon IN Shaanxi; Shaanxi Journal of Agrianltural Science, 2007(1):99-101

  (3)Du JZ, Zhang HM, Effect of environmental condition on Watermelon Growth and Davelapment,china watermelon and Melom, 2004(5)15-17

  (4)Zhao J; Du JZ, The grouth -promoting Effeet.and resistamee Lnduetion of  Antohistie Acino myces on Gucumis Melon; Journal of Northwest A&F university, 2010(2):109-111

  (5)Du JZ, Zhang HM, New Thick Skinned Melon cULeivor, Xitiem No,208,China Vegetable; 2010(5)30-31