Bai Juan

7bb22e655807416ca3b4770b5f9d8046.pngDr. Bai Juan

College of Horticulture

Northwest A&F University

Yangling, Shaanxi 712100

P. R. China


Office: Sorth Campus, Agronomy Building, College of Horticulture, 617

Research Interests:

We are interested in the regulation of growth and development of  Camellia sinensis  (tea plant) under abiotic and biotic stress, with a particular focus on how secondary metabolism and cellular reduction/oxidation (redox) homeostasis improve the ability of tea plants responses to stress.

Education Experiences:

Lanzhou University, Ecology (major), Ph.D. 2008

Lanzhou University, Ecology (major), B. S. 2003

Professional Experiences:

2019.3-Present  Associate Professor in College of Horticulture, Norwest A&F University

2012.1-2019.2  Associate Professor in College of Life Sciences, Norwest A&F University

2012.9-2013.9  Visiting Scholar in the University of Leeds, UK

2008.7-2011.12  Lecturer in College of Life Sciences, Norwest A&F University


Tea Biochemistry (for undergraduate students), Tea Ecophysiology (for graduate students)

Research funding:

2019.1-2022.12 National Natural Science Foundation of China (31870586): Functional analysis of  Ckγ-ECS  assisting to promote root growth by PLT2 in xerophyte plant  Caragana korshinskii .

2016.1-2017.12 Natural Science Basic Research Plan in Shaanxi Province of China (2016JQ3006): Effects of glutathione on root growth in xerophyte plant  Caragana korshinskii .

2012.1-2014.12 National Natural Science Foundation of China (31100455): The role of photorespiration on adapting to drought in  Caragana korshinskii  in the northwestern arid area of China.

Selected Publications:

Luo X, Zhang Y, Wu H, Bai J*. (2020) Drought stress-induced autophagy gene expression is correlated with carbohydrate concentrations in  Caragana korshinskii .  Protoplasma  257: 1211-1220.

Bao Z, Bai J, Cui H*, Gong CM*. (2019) A Missing Link in Radial Ion Transport: Ion Transporters in the Endodermis.  Frontiers in Plant Science  10: 713.

Kang T#, Wu HD#, Lu BY, Luo XJ, Gong CM, Bai J*. (2018) Low concentrations of glycine inhibit photorespiration and enhance the net rate of photosynthesis in  Caragana korshinskii .  Photosynthetica  56(2): 512-519.

Bai J*, Kang T, Wu HD, Lu BY, Long XG, Luo XJ, Zhang YY, Zhou YL, Gong CM*. (2017) Relative contribution of photorespiration and antioxidative mechanisms in  Caragana korshinskii   under drought conditions across the Loess Plateau.  Functional plant biology  44: 1111-1123.

Gong CM*, Bai J, Wang JH, Zhou YL, Kang T, Wang JJ, Hu CX, Guo HB, Chen PL, Xie P, Li YF. (2016) Carbon storage patterns of  Caragana korshinskii  in areas of reduced environmental moisture on the Loess Plateau, China.  Scientific Reports  6: 28883.

Schnaubelt D#, Queval G#, Dong Y, Diaz-Vivancos P, Makgopa ME, Howell G, De Simone A, Bai J, Hannah MA, Foyer CH*. (2015) Low glutathione regulates gene expression and the redox potentials of the nucleus and cytosol in  Arabidopsis thaliana .  Plant, Cell & Environment  38(2): 266-279.

Passaia G, Queval G, Bai J, Margis-Pinheiro M, Foyer CH*. (2014) The effects of redox controls mediated by glutathione peroxidases on root architecture in  Arabidopsis thaliana .  Journal of Experimental Botany  65(5): 1403-1413.

Kang HM, Chen K, Bai J, Wang G*. (2012) Antioxidative system’s responses in the leaves of six Caragana species during drought stress and recovery.  Acta Physiologiae Plantarum  34(6): 2145-2154.

Gong CM, Bai J, Deng JM, Wang GX, Liu XP*. (2011) The variations of anatomical and photosynthetic carbon metabolic characteristics in  Phragmites communis  with increasing soil water stress across Oasis-Desert Transitional Zone.  Plant Ecology  212(4): 675-687.

Bai J, Gong CM, Chen K, Kang HM, Wang G*. (2009) Examination of antioxidative system’s responses in the different phases of drought stress and during recovery in desert plant  Reaumuria soongorica  (Pall.) Maxim.  J  ournal of   Plant Biol  ogy  52(5): 417-425.

Bai J, Xu DH, Kang HM, Chen K, Wang G*. (2008) Photoprotective function of photorespiration in  Reaumuria soongorica  during different levels of drought stress in natural high irradiance.  Photosynthetica  46(2): 232-237.