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1 The Malus domestica sugar transporter gene family: identifications based on genome and expression profiling related to the accumulation of fruit sugars 魏晓钰(学) 李明军(学) 期刊名称:Frontiers in Plant Science,卷:5,期:5,页: 569,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.948 2014未奖励
2 Analysis of Acidic Endogenous Phytohormones in Grapes by Using Online Solid-Phase Extraction Coupled with LC–MS/MS 于建娜(学) 任小林 期刊名称:Journal of Chromatographic Science,卷:52,期:9,页: 1145-1149,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 1.363 2014年未奖励
3 Regulation of Vapor Pressure Deficit by Greenhouse Micro-Fog Systems Improved Growth and Productivity of Tomato via Enhancing Photosynthesis during Summer Season 张大龙(学) 李建明 期刊名称:Plos One,卷:10,期:7,页: e0133919,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.234  
4 Physiological and proteome analysis suggest critical roles for the photosynthetic system for high water-use efficiency under drought stress in Malus 周莎莎(学) 马锋旺 期刊名称:Plant Science,卷:236,期:3,页: 44-60,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.607  
5 Tapetum-specific expression of a cytoplasmic orf507 gene causes semi-male sterility in transgenic peppers. 吉娇娇(学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:Frontiers in Plant Science,卷:6,期:272,页: 272,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.948  
6 Thermotolerance of apple tree leaves probed by chlorophyll a fluorescence and modulated 820nm reflection during seasonal shift 段瑛(学) 李鹏民 期刊名称:Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology,卷:152,期:Part B,页: 347-356,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 2.96  
7 Genome-wide analysis of the CaHsp20 gene family in pepper comprehensive sequence and expression profile analysis under heat stress 郭猛(学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:Frontiers in Plant Science,卷:6,期:6,页: 806,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.948  
8 Resveratrol derivatives in four tissues of six wild Chinese grapevine species  New Zealand Journal of Crop and 周起(学) 王跃进 期刊名称:NEW ZEALAND JOURNAL OF CROP AND HORTICULT SCIENCE,卷:43,期:3,页: 204-213,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 .605  
9 MALABSORPTION OF MINERAL NUTRIENTS AND EFFECTS OF FOLIAR FERTILIZATION ON CONTINUOUSLY CROPPED 叶新华(学) 赵尊练 期刊名称:Pakistan Journal of Botany,卷:5,期:46,页: 1781-1788,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 1.207 2014年未奖励
10 Transcription  profiles  reveal  sugar  and  hormone signaling pathways mediating flower induction in apple 邢利博(学) 韩明玉 期刊名称:plant cell physiol,卷:56,期:10,页: 2052-2068,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 4.93  
11 The relationship between red fruit colour formation and key genes of capsanthin biosynthesis 田士林(学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:Biologia Plantarum,卷:59,期:1,页: 507-513,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 1.849  
12 Functional divergence of BAK1 Genes from Brassica rapa in regulating plant architecture 张珊(学) 王晓峰 期刊名称:Genetics and Molecular Research,卷:14,期:4,页: 14587-14596,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI四区 .755  
13 A novel allele of monoecious (m) locus is responsible for elongated fruit shape and perfect flowers in cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) 谭筠怡(学) 李征 期刊名称:Theoretical and applied genetics,卷:128,期:12,页: 2483-2493,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.79  
14 Hoagland nutrient solution promotes the growth of cucumber seedlings under light-emitting diode light 李禾子(外) 程智慧 期刊名称:Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B-Soil&Plant Science,卷:65,期:1,页: 74-82,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 .646  
15 Ectopic Expression in Arabidopsis thaliana of an NB-ARC Encoding Disease Resistance Gene from Wild Chinese Vitis pseudoreticulata Enhances Resistance to Phytopathogenic Fungi and Bacteria 文志丰(学) 王西平 期刊名称:Frontiers in plant science,卷:6,期:6,页: 1087-1099,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.948  
16 Effects of drought stress on the antioxidant systems in three species of Diospyros L. 魏平(学) 王飞(学) 期刊名称:Hortic. Environ. Biotechnol.,卷:56,期:5,页: 597-605,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 .725  
17 Novel genetic male sterility developed in (Capsicum annuum x C. chinense) x C. pubescens and induced by HNO2 showing Mendelian inheritance and aborted at telophase of microspore mother cell stage 黄炜 巩振辉 期刊名称:GENETIC AND MOLECULAR RESEARCH,卷:14,期:2,页: 3318-3329,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI四区 .775  
18 Breeding new seedless grapes using in ovulo embryo rescue and marker-assisted selection 李志谦(学) 徐炎 期刊名称:In vitro cellular and developmental biology-plant,卷:51,期:3,页: 241-248,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 .981  
19 Recovery patterns, histological observations and genetic integrity inMalus shoot tips cryopreserved using droplet-vitrification and encapsulation-dehydration 李百荃(学) 王乔春 期刊名称:journal of biotechnology,卷:214,期:1,页: 182-191,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 2.871  
20 Application of g-aminobutyric acid demonstrates a protective role of polyamine and GABA metabolism in muskmelon seedlings under Ca(NO3)2 stress. 胡晓辉 胡晓辉 期刊名称:plant physiology and biochemistry,卷:92,期:0981-9428,页: 1-10,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 2.756  
21 Effects of silencing key genes in the capsanthin biosynthetic pathway on fruit color of detached pepper fruits 田士林(学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:BMC Plant Biology,卷:14,期:314,页: 1-8,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.942 2014年未奖励
22 Genome-wide analysis, expression profile of heat shock factor gene family (CaHsfs) and characterisation of CaHsfA2 in pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) 郭猛(学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:BMC Plant Biology,卷:15,期:151,页: 151,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.813  
23 Protective effects of green tea polyphenols against benzo[a]pyrene-induced reproductive and trans-generational toxic effects in Japanese Medaka (Oryzias latipes) 宋传奎(学) 肖斌 期刊名称:JOURNAL OF FUNCTIONAL FOODS,卷:14,期:7,页: 354-362,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.574  
24 Constitutive Expression of a Grape Aspartic protease Gene Confers Osmotic Stress Tolerance in Transgenic Arabidopsis 郭荣荣(学) 王西平 期刊名称:Plant cell tissue and organ culture,卷:121,期:8,页: 275-287,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 2.125  
25 Melatonin mediates the regulation of ABA metabolism, free-radical scavenging, and stomatal behavior in two Malus species under drought stress 李超(学) 马锋旺(学) 期刊名称:Journal of Experimental Botany,卷:66,期:3,页: 669–680,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 5.526  
26 Identification of sequence-related amplified polymorphism and insertion-deletion markers linked to the male fertility restorer gene of pol-like CMS06J45 in heading Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa subsp 许小勇(学) 张鲁刚 期刊名称:genetics and melocular research,卷:13,期:4,页: 9606-9614,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI四区 .775 2014年未奖励
27 Overexpression of tomato SpMPK3gene in Arabidopsisenhances the osmotic tolerance 李翠(学) 梁燕 期刊名称:biochemical and biophysical research communitations,卷:443,期:2,页: 357-362,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 2.297 2014年未奖励
28 Effects of progressive drought on photosynthesis and partitioning of absorbed light in apple trees 马萍(学) 马锋旺 期刊名称:Journal of Integrative Agriculture,卷:14,期:4,页: 681-690,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 .833  
29 Root growth,yield and Fruit quality of Red Fuji apple trees in relation to planting depth of dwarfing interstock on the Loess Plateau 李丙智 张东 期刊名称:Europ.J.Hort.Sci,卷:80,期:3,页: 109-116,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 .37 影响因子0.302
30 Genome-wide identification of vegetative phase transition-associated microRNAs and target predictions using degradome sequencing in Malus hupehensis 邢利博(学) 韩明玉(学) 期刊名称:BMC genomics,卷:15,期:12,页: 1125-1146,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 4.041 2014未奖励
31 Development of simple sequence repeat markers in persimmon (Diospyros L.) and their potential use in related species. 杨勇 阮小凤 期刊名称:Genetics and Molecular Research,卷:14,期:1,页: 609-618,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI四区 .775  
32 Effect of bending on the dynamic changes of endogenous hormones in shoot terminals of ‘Fuji’ and ‘Gala’ apple trees 张满让 韩明玉 期刊名称:Acta Physiol Plant,卷:37,期:(2015)37:76,页: 76-84,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 1.584  
33 Kill curve analysis and response of first generation Capsicum annuum L. B12 cultivar to ethyl methane sulfonate Arisha M H (学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:Genetics and Molecular Research,卷:13,期:4,页: 10049-10061,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI四区 .994 2014年未奖励
34 Growth, bolting and yield of garlic (Allium sativum L.) in response to clove chilling treatment 吴翠南(学) 程智慧 期刊名称:Scientia Horticulturae,卷:94,期:无,页: 43-52,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 1.365  
35 Profiling of volatile compounds and associated gene expression and enzyme activity during fruit development in two cucumber cultivars 陈书霞 陈书霞 期刊名称:PLOS ONE,卷:PLoS ONE 10(3): e011,期:PLoS ONE 10(3): e011,页: doi: 10.1371/journal,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.234  
36 Invasion of shoot apical meristems by Chrysanthemum stunt viroid differs among Argyranthemum cultivar 张知博(学) 王乔春 期刊名称:frontier in plant science,卷:6,期:1,页: 53,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.948  
37 Establishment of a picloram-induced somatic embryogenesis system in Vitis vinifera cv. chardonnay and genetic transformation of a stilbene synthase gene from wild-growing Vitis species 代玲敏(学) 张剑侠 期刊名称:Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult,卷:121,期:2,页: 397-412,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 2.125 本文通讯作者为王跃进和张剑侠
38  Histological responses to downy mildew in resistant and susceptible grapevines 刘瑞琪(学) 徐炎 期刊名称:PROTOPLASMA,卷:252,期:1,页: 259-270,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 2.651  
39 Antibiosis and tolerance but not antixenosis to the grain aphid, Sitobion avenae (Hemiptera: Aphididae), are essential mechanisms of resistance in a wheat cultivar 曹贺贺 刘同先 期刊名称:Bulletin of Entomological Research,卷:105,期:4,页: 448-455,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 1.91  
40 Resistance evaluation of Chinese wild Vitis genotypes against Botrytiscinerea and different responses of resistant and susceptible hosts to the inection 万然(学) 王西平 期刊名称:Frontiers in plant science,卷:6,期:6,页: 854-871,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.948  
41 Transcriptome characterization of three wild Chinese Vitis uncovers a large number of distinct disease related genes 焦晨(学) 王西平 期刊名称:BMC Genomics,卷:16,期:16,页: 223-236,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.986  
42 Beneficial effects of silicon in alleviating salinity stress of tomato seedlings grown under sand culture 李换丽(学) 宫海军 期刊名称:Acta Physiologiae Plantarum,卷:37,期:4,页: 71,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 1.584  
43 Identification, isolation, and expression analysis of heat shock transcription factors in the diploid woodland strawberry Fragaria vesca 胡洋(学) 冯嘉玥 期刊名称:Frontiers in plant science,卷:6,期:6,页: 1-16,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.948  
44 Cloning and Characterization of the CarbcL Gene Related to Chlorophyll in Pepper (Capsicum annuum ) 王书斌(学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:Frontier in Plant Science,卷:6,期:850,页: 850,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.948  
45 Deciphering the Protective Role of Spermidine against Saline-alkaline Stress at Physiological and Proteomic Levels in Tomato. 张毅(学) 胡晓辉 期刊名称:Phytochemistry,卷:110,期:0031-9422,页: 13-21,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 2.574  
46 The Malus carotenoid cleavage dioxygenase 7 is involved in stressresponse and regulated by basic pentacysteine 1 岳智勇(学) 马锋旺 期刊名称:Scientia Horticulture,卷:192,期:3,页: 264-270,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 1.365  
47 Effect of ethyl methyl sulfonate concentration and different treatment conditions on germination and seedling growth of the cucumber cultivar Chinese long (9930) Shah(学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:Genetics and Molecular Research,卷:14,期:1,页: 2440-2449,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI四区 .775  
49 Growth and physiological changes in continuously cropped eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) upon relay intercropping with garlic (Allium sativum L.) 王梦怡(学) 程智慧 期刊名称:Frontiers in Plant Science,卷:6,期:无,页: 无,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.948  
50 Pepper-Garlic Intercropping System Improves Soil Biology and Nutrient Status in Plastic Tunnel 程智慧 程智慧 期刊名称:international  journal  of  agriculture  and  biology,卷:17,期:5,页: 869-880,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI四区 0  
51 Ethyl methane sulfonate induced mutations in M2 generation and physiological variations in M1 generation of peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) Arisha(学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:Frontiers in Plant Science,卷:6,期:399,页: 399,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.948  
52 Melatonin enhances the occurrence of autophagy induced by oxidative stress in Arabidopsis seedlings 王平(学) 马锋旺 期刊名称:Journal of Pineal Rearch,卷:58,期:4,页: 479-489,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 9.6  
53 Analysis of Xyloglucan Endotransglycosylase/Hydrolase (XTH) Genes and Diverse Roles of Isoenzymes during Persimmon Fruit Development and Postharvest Softening 韩叶(学) 饶景萍 期刊名称:PLOS ONE,卷:DOI:10.1371/journal.,期:DOI:10.1371/journal.,页: DOI:10.1371/journal.,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.234  
54 Effects of ACC deaminase containing rhizobacteria on plant, growth and expression of Toc GTPases in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) under salt stress 闫见敏(学) 梁燕 期刊名称:botany,卷:92,期:11,页: 775-781,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 1.278 2014年未奖励
55 Melatonin regulates carbohydrate metabolism and defenses against Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 infection in Arabidopsis thaliana 赵宏博(学) 马锋旺 期刊名称:Journal of Pineal Research,卷:59,期:1,页: 109-119,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 9.6  
56 Exogenous spermidine-induced changes at physiological and biochemical parameters levels in tomato seedling grown in saline-alkaline condition 张毅(学) 胡晓辉 期刊名称:Botanical Studies,卷:55,期:55:58,页: 58,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 .783 2014年未奖励
57 Molecular characterization and transcriptome analysis of orange head Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa) 张俊祥(学) 张鲁刚 期刊名称:planta,卷:1,期:241,页: 1381–1394,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.263  
58 GENOME-WIDE ASSOCIATION-MAPPING FOR FRUIT QUALITY TRAITS 张静 邹志荣 期刊名称:EUPHYTICA,卷:2,期:207,页: 439-451,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 1.385  
59 Characterization and expression profile of CaNAC2 pepper gene 郭卫丽(学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:Frontiers in Plant Science,卷:6,期:755,页: 755,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.948  
60 The effects of fruit bagging on levels of phenolic compounds and expression by anthocyanin biosynthetic and regulatory genes in red-fleshed apples 汪小谦(学) 马锋旺 期刊名称:Process Biochemistry,卷:50,期:11,页: 1774-1782,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 2.516  
61 Silencing of dehydrin CaDHN1 diminishes tolerance to multiple abiotic stresses in Capsicum annuum L. 陈儒钢 巩振辉 期刊名称:plant cell reports,卷:DOI 10.1007/s00299-0,期:DOI 10.1007/s00299-0,页: DOI 10.1007/s00299-0,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.071  
62 The protective roles of S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase (SAMDC) gene in melon resisitance to powdery mildew infection 刘长命(学) 张显 期刊名称:Hort. environ.biotechnol.,卷:55,期:6,页: 557-567,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 .725 出版日期为2014年12月,2014年未登记。
63 Photoprotection mechanism in the 'Fuji' apple peel at different levels of photoxidative sunburn 张江利(学) 李鹏民 期刊名称:Physiologia Plantarum,卷:154,期:1,页: 54-65,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.138  
64 Dopamine alleviates salt-induced stress in Malus hupehensis 李超(学) 马锋旺(学) 期刊名称:Physiologia Plantarum,卷:153,期:4,页: 584-602,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.138  
65 Phenolic compounds and antioxidant activity in red-fleshed apples 汪小谦(学) 马锋旺 期刊名称:Journal of Functional Foods,卷:18,期:3,页: 1086-1094,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.574  
66 exogenous melatonin improves seedling health index and drought tolerance in tomato 刘建龙(学) 孙艳(学) 期刊名称:plant growth regulation,卷:77,期:3,页: 317-326,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 1.672  
67 Abiotic stress improves in vitro biological indexing of Grapevine leafroll-associated virus-3 in red grapevine cultivars 崔振华(学) 王乔春 期刊名称:AUSTRALIAN JOURNAL OF GRAPE AND WINE RESEARCH,卷:21,期:3,页: 490-495,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 1.816  
68 GROWTH, CHLOROPHYLL CONTENT AND COMBINED OUTPUT VALUE IN EGGPLANT/GARLIC RELAY INTERCROPPING SYSTEMS 王梦怡(学) 孟焕文 期刊名称:Pakistan Journal of Botany,卷:47,期:5,页: 1727-1734,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 .822  
69 Anthocyanin accumulation and related gene family expression in the skin of dark-grown red and non-red apples (Malus domestica Borkh.) in response to sunlight 孟蕊(学) 赵政阳 期刊名称:Scientia Horticulturae,卷:189,期:1,页: 66-73,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI二区 1.365  
70 Cloning and expression analysis of pepper chlorophyll catabolite reductase gene CaRCCR 肖怀娟(学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:Genetics and Molecular Research,卷:14,期:1,页: 368-378,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI四区 .775  
71 Silicon improves salt tolerance by increasing root water uptake in Cucumis sativus L. 朱永兴(学) 宫海军(学) 期刊名称:Plant Cell Reports,卷:34,期:9,页: 1629-1646,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.071  
72 Cloning and characterization of the pepper CaPAO gene for defense responses to salt-induced leaf senescence 肖怀娟(学) 巩振辉 期刊名称:BMC Biotcchnology,卷:15,期:100,页: 100,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 2.034  
73 Comprehensive genomic analysis and expression profiling of diacylglycerol kinase gene family in Malus prunifolia (Willd.) Borkh 李亚莉(学) 马锋旺 期刊名称:Gene,卷:561,期:2,页: 225-234,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI三区 2.138  
74 Genome-wide Identification and Expression Analysis of the CDPK Gene Family in Grape,Vitis spp 张凯(学) 文颖强 期刊名称:BMC plant biology,卷:15,期:164,页: 1-19,发表年:2015,出版年:2015,文献类型:Article SCI一区 3.813  
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